bastien dausse

Bastien Dausse created the show Les idées grises with François Lemoine in 2016. This first show has been performed around a hundred times in France and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy), and the short form was notably presented in 2016 at the Avignon Festival IN.


Bastien Dausse continues his research by developing new projects. (Dis)balance is at the heart of his work, and he plays with gravity by combining acrobatic material with scenography, sculpture, science and other genre encounters. By imagining multiple performances, he aims to shake up the laws of physics and question our relationship with everyday life. For the Moon / cabinet of lunar wonders project, Bastien has surrounded himself with a team of circus artists and dancers: Julieta Salz, Alvaro Valdés, Morgane Maret and Romane Vivier.

Artists : Julieta Salz, Alvaro Valdés, Carla Farreny, Morgane Maret, Romane Vivier & Laurane Wüthrich
Set construction and technical support : Association La Molette – Sébastien Leman, Oliver Zimmermann, Pierre-Yves Aplincourt & Pierre Moinet
Public relations : Elektronlibre – Olivier Saksik
Production and tour manager : Clémence Tonfoni
Administration : Sophie Suissa

Association’s board : Élise Goisneau et Anne-Sophie Taude

Bastien Dausse and Compagnie Barks are in permanent residence at Les Noctambules (FR)

Bastien Dausse is an associate artist of Circusnext – La Ferme Montsouris.