Young audience, from age 6.

MIR is the story of a spacewoman, alone in her space station on her way to discover new worlds. It is a journey in her daily life, her quest for meaning and meetings across the universe. It is a plunge into an atypical existence, in a restricted way of life and yet free of gravity. The spacewoman, acrobat in spite of herself, will evolve through multiple adventures and discover how to live in a restricted space, how to train whereas when you can barely walk and how to play in this miniature housing.


It is the dream of a spacewoman both lost in the cosmos and stuck in the tiny space of her cabin. It is the story of a reverie, an escape in an infinite world to cope with loneliness.


PJP49 –Maine et Loire (49), UP – Circus & Performing Arts (Belgique), L’Éclat, Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national Art Enfance Jeunesse (Pont-Audemer, FR), 2Angles – centre de création contemporaine (Flers, FR), Charleroi Danse (Belgique), Le Vellein, scènes de la CAPI – Isère (Villefontaine, FR), Circusnext – la Ferme Montsouris (Paris, FR), Nouveau Gare au Théâtre (Vitry-sur-Seine, FR) & Les Noctambules (Nanterre, FR)


With the support of DRAC Île-de-France & Région IDF.


Concept, Choreography and Set Design : Bastien Dausse

With the help of : Julieta Salz

Performed by : Laurane Wüthrich

Music : Sakine

Costume Design : Fanny Gautreau

Light Design : Pierre-Yves Aplincourt

Set construction : Pierre-Yves Aplincourt & Association La Molette – Sébastien Leman

Production : Compagnie Barks – Clémence Tonfoni

© Jean Lambert / Quentin Chevrier